Emotional Rescue through Media

EVENT: Artist talk at Het Wilde Weten Projectspace 30.09.2010 as part of my 3 month artist residency in Rotterdam.
MODERATOR: Anne Nigten
GUEST SPEAKERS: Yolanda de los Bueis, Jan Misker, Melissa Coleman, Marnix de Nijs
CURATOR: Yolanda de los Bueis

“… A presentation of works that deal all with augmented reality or mixed realities. I think it is important to first be aware that these kind of works are usually made in collaboration with people from other disciplines, graphic and fashion designers, dancers, visual artists, … usually it’s not a solo process. As reflected in the work of tonight’s speakers, in this field of media work the end users or participants do play a very vital role. Without them, there is no artwork. This as well as the work process is what the four speakers of tonight have in common. Augmented reality is something we may know from advertising, like QR codes in magazines that you need to decipher with your cell phone to get to a product, but the speakers tonight have a different take on augmented reality and mixed realities: they approach it much more from an artistic, political or critical perspective. I think this is very important to notice and be aware of as a counter-voice compared to the more commercial applications of augmented reality…” Anne Nigten

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