S.O.R. the Game: 27th March 2010

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Know the score

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We know who the winners are, but what were all the scores for the other 12 competing teams?
Have a look here to find out how they faired and a little reminder on the scoring system too. It was a gruelling route – check out the places they visited throughout the game.

Playing the game just one more time

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speed of reaction - exhibition

The S.O.R. speed of reaction exhibition opened this last Tuesday at the Foundry.

All sorts of people came by, from the skaters who played the game on Saturday 27th to art lovers and QR codes enthusiasts.

They had the opportunity to try out a smaller version of the game by capturing the codes all around the building.

The exhibition is open from Tuesday 6th until Friday 9th, from 1900 to 2300, and on Saturday 10th from 1600 to 1900. FREE entrance!

See you there!
SOR flyer sideA
SOR flyer sideB

And the speed of reaction winning team is…

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Camberley Skaters – Good Work!

Thanks to all you adventurous people that made it to the Foundry and played the game on Saturday!

Photos of the day and night on Flickr.

Team photos from the night were automatically updated to our blog throughout the game which explains all the entries below – these were the questions to their answers:

Station 1: “You are born and your father is a hero. How do you feel?”

Station 2: “Times of change and hardship. Love has bitten you and there’s no escape. Where and how would you hide?”

Station 3: “New millennium, new you. Rollerblades look fun. Wheeeeeezzzz. How was your first time?”

Station 4: “Fight. React. Be fast. Where do you need to get to now?”

Did you miss speed of reaction last week?

Oh no, here’s another chance! The game, the videos, the QR codes and the photos will all be displayed in the S.O.R. speed of reaction exhibition opening on Tues 6 April 2010 at The Foundry. This is your last chance, don’t miss out!

and it was GO! GO! GO! for S.O.R.

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sunny 27th march 2010

GO/NO GO CALL! 27th March 2pm

It was a tough call as it says in the skater’s bible rain = no skate.
But our witches and satanic allies did their job, and against the clock and all atmospheric Gods we went ahead. YEAH!

S.O.R. waves

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Just before the game… excitement and tension… and I’m going on the radio!!!
Mix of artists, musicians and poets talking anything and everything, with swine, super and svengali in it


Friday 26 March 2010 broadcast live on RESONANCE 104.4FM
streamed live on http://www.resonancefm.com

S.O.R. Spring/Summer collection ’10

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red model tshirt
You can only read this code if you get a t-shirt. You only get the t-shirt if you play the game. We still have some space for new recruits so get in touch!
play at speedofreaction dot com

Take a view on the city

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SOR blogpost 100305
to piece this puzzle together you’ll need a QR code reader

It’s difficult to make fish out of fish soup. The city can crumble into atoms and then re-code itself within seconds. People are lego toys, not the city!
Mark Allen (Property Regeneration Consultant, Shoreditch)

Whilst capital is international, rules are local. We’re facing an unhealthy moment in history where the city is an ever changing puzzle with unknown rules.
Joana Siegenberg (Pensioner, Whitechapel)

Economists have judged risk based on probabilities. The city is not mathematical, it’s a living organ that has (credit) crunched all of us.
Robert Pullman (Hedge Fund Mgr, Moorgate)

If I roll over surfaces I don’t understand, I might be faster than the city or I might fail. I might beat the curves, the spears and the voids. I take the risk.
Sorboots (Inline Skater, Homerton)

The same signs that tell us to fear, also tell us not to be afraid. Everything is possible if the soul is not small.
Dthe Postman (link to Dthe Postman in FB)

puzzling the Sandpit

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Great first try of speed of reaction at the Sandpit last Monday. People enjoyed it and that was very rewarding! Also a few things to think about and tweak before the big final event on the 27th March.
Above, the winner for most creative photo!
The QR code message to be answered once captured and decoded was:
“You are in need of a new postcode system. Find a new code to use.”

Curious about S.O.R at the Sandpit?
Check it out on www.flickr.com/photos/speedofreaction
Sandpit at the Southbank: maps and territories

it all starts to make sense …

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BOOM!The pieces start to come together… or do they?
S.O.R. press release 19 feb 10

The website says so, so it must be true…
More about where to be, when to go and who the nuts behind all this are.

Don’t forget the taster at Sandpit, Southbank on Feb 22nd!