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It’s difficult to make fish out of fish soup. The city can crumble into atoms and then re-code itself within seconds. People are lego toys, not the city!
Mark Allen (Property Regeneration Consultant, Shoreditch)

Whilst capital is international, rules are local. We’re facing an unhealthy moment in history where the city is an ever changing puzzle with unknown rules.
Joana Siegenberg (Pensioner, Whitechapel)

Economists have judged risk based on probabilities. The city is not mathematical, it’s a living organ that has (credit) crunched all of us.
Robert Pullman (Hedge Fund Mgr, Moorgate)

If I roll over surfaces I don’t understand, I might be faster than the city or I might fail. I might beat the curves, the spears and the voids. I take the risk.
Sorboots (Inline Skater, Homerton)

The same signs that tell us to fear, also tell us not to be afraid. Everything is possible if the soul is not small.
Dthe Postman (link to Dthe Postman in FB)

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