The Inner Archipelago | Bilbao 1 – 8 July 2012

(Español abajo)
Instructions of the game HERE
Testimony of the journey HERE

Bilbao contains all cities that are possible to imagine. The perception of the cities is the starting point of this game-installation experience in which, with the help of a smart phone, a voice guided visitors through a journey through the different metropolis represented in the scenography of columns in the Atrium of cultures.

Some columns were sign-posted with a QR code that contained a specific message and instructions. At the same time SOL screen reproduced a mute video (above), which was the starting point of the journey.

Accompanied or on their own, participants listened to simple instructions. For example, communicating with their partner or becoming aware of the space and people that surround them.

Players were able to choose whether to be spectators of what they were being told or submerge themselves in the journey – taking the ¨red pill¨as in The Matrix – and discover new dimensions of it.

Inspired by ¨Invisible Cities¨by Italo Calvino.

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