TRI Success in Shanghai


to meet the intercultural challenges in the expanding economical super power of China, TRI are proud to announce a new product. Successful tests during December 2008 gave proof to the stability and utility of TRI’s latest product: Chinese Perfect.

Watch the video TRI in Shanghai

“The new Trans Racial soda ‘Chinese Perfect’ works better than expected. It is a development of the ‘Racial Holiday’ Chinese Perfect gives businessmen and political adversaries a possibility to blend and understand local demand” as reported from the TRI lab.

Intrude366 at ZeindaiMoMA Shanghai

One intrusive project a day for a year: Part of a global series addressing issues related to people’s attitude towards international migration and the concepts of race and identity.

Acting as a fictional company that offers solutions for “Trans-Racial Disorders”, we proposed the citizens of Shanghai to take part in the product development of a new product line “Chinese Perfect”. Using different workshop based methods and interviews, we asked people from Shanghai to show their Chineseness.

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