UNIDEE: the residency

Unidee 08Dear diary,
Things have been pretty intense in the last couple of months. So what have I been up to?

Since mid June I am Artist in Residence at “Unidee” or University of Ideas, one of the projects at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy.

This very priviledged situation is possible thanks to a grant from Hangar in Barcelona.

We are a truly colourful International group of 15 artists living and working at the foot of the Alps for 4 months.
The focus of the Residency is on ideas and processes rather than final outputs, and so I feel really privileged to have the chance to work on a multiplying number of ideas at the moment and without the pressure of a final outcome.

The infrastructure of the Fondazione includes workshops, computer facilities, working studios, libraries, a dream storeroom with lots of recovered materials available, various empty buildings which are late acquisitions of Michaelangello Pistoletto, and all the resources and expertise of the different “ufficis” at the Fondazione.

We have been bombarded with exciting and inspiring input from guest artists, visiting organizations, curators and experts in the most varied fields. It is great to be given this for a change and not have to spend the time and effort to find it yourself, and makes the challenge to find the time to work on our own projects even more intense.

Our calendar is packed with events and visits like Manifesta in the Trento area, Design exhibition in Torino – capital of design 2008 -, and other art organisations like the Ratti Foundation in Como.
We are also invited by the most varicoloured artists and friends of the Fondazione to meet, dine and wine! yeah!”

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