And the speed of reaction winning team is…

Camberley Skaters – Good Work!

Thanks to all you adventurous people that made it to the Foundry and played the game on Saturday!

Photos of the day and night on Flickr.

Team photos from the night were automatically updated to our blog throughout the game which explains all the entries below – these were the questions to their answers:

Station 1: “You are born and your father is a hero. How do you feel?”

Station 2: “Times of change and hardship. Love has bitten you and there’s no escape. Where and how would you hide?”

Station 3: “New millennium, new you. Rollerblades look fun. Wheeeeeezzzz. How was your first time?”

Station 4: “Fight. React. Be fast. Where do you need to get to now?”

Did you miss speed of reaction last week?

Oh no, here’s another chance! The game, the videos, the QR codes and the photos will all be displayed in the S.O.R. speed of reaction exhibition opening on Tues 6 April 2010 at The Foundry. This is your last chance, don’t miss out!

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