drupal, bulgaria, weather forecast!

I worked with a Bulgarian film-maker and a Serbian artist to make this – a fictional News site full of Eastern Europe conspirational news and with my film “Looking for Maya Nagari” on the front page! – of course, it’s work in progress.
Using the CMS Drupal, I have now Linux and all sorts of free software installed in my laptop and I am 50% converted!
note: don’t forget to check the weather forecast…
On my holiday from the Residency last month – the Fondazione is pretty dead then – I attended a course at Tosmi “Producing media for the web: Open Source Software & web 2.0” with a scholarship in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The week was well packed with information and lectures on production free software and internet concepts, but we did manage to realize a few group projects. It was a big and healthy shake-over in many ways, and now I am glad to be back with my artist fellow inmates.

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