Live Art Speed Date!

Ever done a journey from Stoke Newington International AIRPORT?

Thurs 15th – Sat 17th Dec 8pm departure to… Live Art Speed Date!
I’ll be one of the 20 steward-artists. Come and enjoy the ride :)

… A four-minute long private performance, just for you, just for all of you, one at a time. Not so much festival of one-on-one performance, more an astonishingly varied fairground of intimate encounters to please, tease and perhaps cause unease… In a satisfying way of course.

Live Art Speed Date is about interaction and intimacy, public and private behaviours, and the strangeness of desire. It’s a wonderfully original and playful, socialised mechanism whereby an audience can experience several one-on-one performance pieces and interact with each other along the way.

“Resembles a busy day at the New York Stock Exchange, only sexier” Bellyflop Magazine

“A free-wheeling, wide ranging bashing down of boundaries between form and practice, a celebration of us both as artists and audience.” Tim Crouch

Further information is available from the STK website

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