MIX IT UP launched

a collaborative project by Sakiko Sugawa (Japan), Ahmad Malki (Palestine), Yael Bar-On (Israel) and Yolanda de los Bueis (Spain)

MIX IT UP” is dedicated to Israeli and Palestinian singles, offering an online meeting place and a micro-scale conflict resolution. Using a concept of marriage as a tactic for creating a new dimension in the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians, the website provides a online space for the two sides to meet in a friendly and potentially romantic context, aiming specifically at Israelis and Palestinians both in their countries and living abroad, as well as encouraging foreigners to learn more about the situation. Given that in times of conflict, individuality and personalized information are highly restrained, “MIX IT UP” first, and most importantly focuses on building a tool for an individual to communicate, while taking a full advantage of popularity of dating service sites format today.
While maintaining a conventional functionality of a dating service website, MIX IT UP also offers ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and ‘Helpful Tips’ to give advice to those deciding to go ahead with a ‘mixed marriage’, such as suggesting a list of organizations and lawyers working on the issues of marriage in both Palestinian and Israeli societies. The website furthermore highlights the difficult reality the “mixed couples” have to face in terms of wedding ceremony, state authorization, retaining a citizenship as well as residential permit.

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