a project by the artist Yolanda de los Bueis and Max Valentin.

The Trans Racial Institute proposes site-specific performative interventions at a global level that aim at addressing issues related to people’s attitude towards international migration and the concepts of race and identity.

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It is a process-based work that uses tools such as personal interviews, performance and participative workshop formats in public spaces and official cultural institutions.

TRI’s multimedia productions are performed interactively in these spaces, recording the feedback and responses demanded from the citizens to generate the next stage of the project. TRI aims at transforming the daily life of the global inhabitants. It considers concepts such as individual culture and identity to be outdated and inaccurate; TRI thinks new concepts need to be considered, closer to hybridization of races, identities, values, consisting of multiplicities hardly identifiable and separable according to traditional standards.

The project was born within the frame of the European project As_Tide [Art for Social Transformation and Intercultural Dialogue]. It was exhibited and performed by the artists in the final presentation of the workshop

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